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2019 Christmas Gift Guide
the gift of fairy magic


Gifts For Magic Lovers

Welcome to our 2019 Christmas Gift Guide

Who can resisist a green space filled with magical delights? “Me” said NO ONE!

The gift of magic is a gift from the heart. Whether your loved one is an experienced gardener or just getting started, our beautiful fairy garden miniatures are guaranteed to create smiles and spark their imagination.

This is our fairy garden gift guide to help you find the perfect gift for your fairy loving friend or family member.

Gift Guide for fairy lovers

Gifts For Kids

Looking for magical gift ideas for children? Here is our ultimate gift guide.

Gifts For Grown Ups

Finding the perfect gift for your fairy loving friend is easy. Our gift guide lists our top picks.

Gifts Under $75

Don't blow the budget! Our picks for magical gifts under $75

Why do we create fairy gardens?

Cute little things fascinate us. It’s an evolution thing designed to evoke feelings of nurturing and protection. Gardening is one of the worlds most popular pastimes (little wonder, as we try to bring green back to our urban environments!) When you combine the two, it results in the magical experience of fairy gardening.


The Gift Of Magic and


The Gift Of Time

The best adventures are shared with the people you love! Our gift guide is filled with magical offering that your loved one will adore, however, the best accessory to accompany your magical gift is the gift of your time. Remember to make time to plan, create and build with your gift-ee. If you don’t live close by, remember to call and ask for updates about their fairy gardening journey!

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