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Established 2010, Melbourne, Victoria

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Fairy Gardening Australia is an online retailer of magical themed garden miniatures, enchanting home decor and fairy inspired specialty products. Fairy garden kits and statuary, premium preserved mosses, garden care products and nature-based activity sets are among our most well-loved products, and helping you to make magic in your home and garden is what we do best.

Our family-owned and operated business was established back in 2010, and our journey over the last 12 years has been a wild adventure – from small beginnings in the corner of our garage, to national awards, media contracts and international partnerships. In 2019, we used the wrinkle in time to reflect on our adventure over the decade.

The step we took next is the best part of our story…

Twelve years ago, I never imagined that success would carry us to far away places. It wasn’t until we arrived in those places that I realized what we had left behind. 

So… we closed our shop. We closed our warehouse. We farewelled our international partners, ended our contracts, packed everything up…. and brought it all home. 

We are proud to be a home-based business again. It’s a little crazy, it’s a little crowded. Our kids were babies when this began, now they are ardent teen space-invaders. There’s a lot of dust bunnies and fairies and pajama days and yoga in the garden. Our dog is awarded “Employee of the week” every week, our cat couldn’t care less and our chickens approve. We’re keeping it simple – home is where we make our magic. It’s every type of excellent.

These days, I am guided by my heart rather than ambition – which, of course, means some changes to the way we do things. Limited edition, small runs of hand crafted pieces are replacing our extensive number of manufactured product lines. Locally sourced, earth-friendly materials are featured in more of our products and packaging. We’ve reduced our shipping (dispatch) days down to 3 each week, because less trucks is better. We express our gratitude for the support of our customers by supporting other family owned, local small businesses wherever we can, and we value and protect our independence by declining corporate alliances.

I guess the moral of the story is to avoid flying monkey’s and never take direction from munchkin’s.

We’ll keep on making our magic. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help you make yours.

Bright blessings!

x Kim (and hubby and kids)

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