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The Fairy Gardening Australia Showroom is open by appointment

Warehouse 1, 222 Ferris Rd Cobblebank  3338

Call our Customer Care Team for sales, information & support

(03) 9052 4447

A member of our team will respond to your request as ASAP

I have a question about product availability

We do our best to ensure the products you love are available all year round, however, a number of factors can effect stock availability. These factors can include (but are not limited to) seasonal demand, manufacturer/supplier availability, logistical delays and quality control inspections.

The item I love has disappeared from your site

Product listings are removed from our site when

  • the product line is discontinued
  • we are expecting an extended delay on re-stock
  • a re-stock shipment has not met our strict quality control inspection

Recommended: Contact us for further information or select an alternate design from our range.

Can you hold items for me?

Unfortunately, we are unable to place holds on items.

Recommended: Our customer care team may be able to provide information about the current stock level of your favourite items, however, stock levels may reduce quickly for in-demand products. We recommend that you complete your purchase as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Current availability

If a product is listed on our website and can be added to your cart, it is in-stock and ready for immediate shipping from our Melbourne distribution warehouse. 

Discrepancies: In the unlikely event that a product is over-sold due to inventory or technical issues, a member of our dispatch team will contact you.

I would like to know more about product sizing, usage, quality or care

Detailed information about our products can be found in our Product Information Guide here.

I have a question about shipping

Information about shipping options, dispatch times, charges and tracking can be found on our Shipping Information page.

I have a question about my current order (in processing)

If you require changes to be made to a queued order, contact us IMMEDIATELY. We aim to ship your order as quickly as possible and changes cannot be made after an order is marked as complete. Call us on (03) 9052 4447 and select ext. 2 for our dispatch team. Messages can also be left on this number outside operational hours.

Order progress and tracking

Order tracking and information can be found on the My Account page.

I have a question about an order I have recieved
What are my payment options?

I would like to visit the Cobblebank Showroom

Our showroom is currently open by appointment. Please get in touch with our customer care team for further information.

I have a trade account query

Please contact our team directly

I would like to give feedback

Feedback helps us to improve the services and products we offer you. Please click here to share your thoughts.

I have a question about my account

All user accounts created prior to May 2019 have been migrated to our new membership system. Further information can be found here

Magic Bean Exchange

Convert your Magic Beans to vouchers here

Exchange 200 ❧ for $10 voucher

You must be logged in to exchange Magic Beans.
  • You MUST have a minimum balance of 200❧ in your account to use the Magic Bean Exchange
  • Voucher is valid for 1 year from the date of issue
  • Copy the generated code and paste into code box upon checkout. Your code has also been emailed to you and is recorded in your Magic Bean Purse Log which can be accessed through your member dashboard
  • Voucher is single use and redeemable on orders where cart total is over $50.00
  • Multiple vouchers are not accepted on a single order
  • Full Terms & Conditions can be found here

DO NOT REFRESH THIS PAGE. Doing so may void your voucher. Please close box and use navigation menus.

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