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Choosing the right container for your fairy garden

Some fairy gardens are small, tucked into secret corners of the garden, while others are extensive multi-level communities. They can be created in trees, window boxes or garden beds…. or within your home…. the possibilities are endless!

The location of your fairy garden and the container (if you use one) are key decisions when you begin a project. They will largely depend on your available space and resources.

Let’s take a look at some ideas and how you can create them yourself.

Garden Beds

Classic ground-level beds, as well as raised and terraced beds, can offer expansive areas to host your dream fairy garden.

Garden beds are ideal for “enchanted villages” that incorperate lots of homes and elements in a variety of miniature landscaped areas. 

They work especially well if you creating a sensory garden for children with easy access and few restrictions. 

If you are planning to create your fairy garden in a garden bed and have pets, I recommend that you take a look at our Fairy Gardening and Pets blog for tips to help your fur babies and fairies to co-habit peacefully.

Unless your garden bed is under cover or contains mature plants that will provide shelter, your fairy garden products will be exposed to a higher level of UV. Take a look at our Fairy Garden Product Care Guide to useful tips and easy ways to ensure their longivity.

Container Gardens

There are infinite possibilities when it comes to containers for your fairy garden. They’re extremely versatile and come in pretty much every shape, size and material you can imagine. If you are buying a new container for your project, the style your select will depend on lots of factors – where it will be positioned, style preference, budget and the type of plants that you plan to use. Remember that a drainage hole (or absence of) will make a big difference in terms of potting, plant care and maintenance. You’ll find more information about plants here.

I tend to avoid purchasing containers for my fairy gardens, and look for ways to re-purpose and recycle wherever I can. 

Aside from the obvious benefits to the environment, upcycling has a multitude of advantages. 

Finding beauty in a broken thing Hello tinkerfairies! Always look for how you can use something, instead of why you can’t. Broken doesn’t mean useless, it just means finding it a new purpose. If fact, the breakage itself can become it’s most valuable part – it adds character, it becomes its strength, its imperfection makes it unique. Think broken pot gardens!

You have to be odd to be number one As a pair, many things go about, doing their pair-y things. They appear whole, they complete one another and their purpose is absolute. Until one is gone. It might seem that the individual thing no longer has purpose…. no! I’ll tell you a tale about a magnificent old boot.

Add another chapter to your story Your fairy garden is the story of a magical place created by your heart. What better place to hold that garden than something with its own beautiful story. Think grandads old wheelbarrow!

You can create truly unique gardens with a kitch/vintage/quirky vibe by simply looking around your home. Look for:

• drawers
• tubs (steel, contrete)
• wooden boxes
• tin cans
• bird cage
• tonka trucks
• teapot
• colander
• wheelbarrow
• baskets
• bags
• saucepans
• bowls
• teacups

Tree's and Hanging Gardens

Turn your favourite tree into a fairy garden with a little creativity! By positioning a fairy door at the base (or higher as an access point for high flying fairies and air elementals) and some windows on the trunk, a tree becomes a large fairy house and the branches become the landscape. Using elements such as rainbow spirals to spin in the breeze, hanging crystals to catch the light, bunting for a festive feel and signs for a touch of whimsy, the tree in the corner of your garden becomes a magical wonderland.

Hanging pots also lend themselves wonderfully well to the enchanted gardening experience. My youngest daughter is a “galloping through the clouds on the back of a pegasus, dragon freedom fighter” kind of kid. Together, we created a sky high equine kingdom by turning hanging pots into clouds. Check out my tutorial here.


Terrariums are small, transparent containers (open or sealed) that hold mini environments, which makes them perfect for fairy gardening.  Sealed terrariums holding live plants are also a great learning tool, illustrating how an ecosystem works.

There are loads of terrariums available in every shape and size, but a glass jar or fishtank can also work wonderfully well. 

Image Credits

Many of the images featured on this page were provided by our marvellous community members within the Fairy Gardening Australia Official Community Group (FB)

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I’m Kim, creative director of Fairy Gardening Australia. I sailed away for a year and a day, tamed a jabberwock and lived in a shoe. I make fairy gardens too. Follow me!

Hi! I’m Kim, creative director of Fairy Gardening Australia. I sailed away for a year and a day, tamed a jabberwock and lived in a shoe. I make fairy gardens too. Follow me!

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