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Do you know a grown up who could use a little fairy magic? I’m guessing you know A LOT! Our fairy garden gifts for grown ups gift guide is the perfect starting point.

Fairy gardens are an opportunity for story telling, connecting with nature, an escape from real world mundane-ities and the beginning of an adventure. Our Kits are ideal for gifting. We’ve filled them with premium products from The Fiddlehead Fairy Garden Collection.

Here are my top picks…

gift guide for fairy gardens for adults
Fairy Garden Deluxe Kit
Sweet Meadows Fairy Garden Kit

Sweet Meadows

gift guide

Fairy Garden Kit $99.00

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your fairy loving friend, look no further. The Sweet Meadows Fairy Garden Kit will have them skipping hand-in-hand across grassy meadows with their fairy kin, gathering flowers to braid into their hair. This deluxe kit features 11 premium products from The Fiddlehead Fairy Garden Collection. It’s medium sized, making it ideal for both garden beds and container gardens.

Afternoon Bliss Bundle

We recommend…

An afternoon by the pond with a baby unicorn What could be lovelier?

The Afternoon Bliss Bundle


Afternoon Bliss Bundle

Total Value $37.15
Bundle Price $35.30
YOU SAVE $1.85


Fairy Garden Deluxe Kit
Elvellon Tangle Fairy Garden Kit

Elvellon Tangle

Fairy Garden Kit $120.80

The Elvellon Tangle Fairy Garden Kit is sure to get your loved one’s wings in a flutter! The heart of this kit  is a beautifully appointed hobbit style home that features interior styling and a attached mini planter box.  A separate chimney with stake can be positioned close to the home, giving experienced gardeners an opportunity to nestle the home into the side of their hügelkultur.

Terrace Bundle Fairy Garden Accessories

We recommend…

Perfectly matched accessories to compliment your scene

The Terrace Bundle


Fairy Garden Deluxe Kit
Wizards Watchtower Dragon Garden Kit

Wizard's Watchtower

Dragon Garden Kit $125.50

Game of Thrones may be finished but the adventure is just beginning! Three mischevious baby dragons reside at the Keep, along with the wise and watchful wizard. A medieval tale of heroic knights and secret sourcery is waiting to be told by the keeper of the Wizard’s Watchtower Dragon Garden Kit.

Mini Fairy Figurine Pack

We recommend…

Change the tone of the scene with fun and colourful fairies!

The Mini Fairy Pack


Fairy Garden Deluxe Kit
Sherman's Place Gnome Garden Kit

Sherman's Place

Gnome Garden Kit $129.30

Meet Sherman. A brickie by trade, his home is testament to his exceptional skill in his craft. However, his true passion is brewing ale and he often travels to faraway hamlets in search of the perfect hops for his brew. Sherman’s place is popular with the local lads and this affable fella’ welcomes all with a smile and tasty beverage.

We recommend…

Everything Sherman needs to keep his garden looking great!

The Gardener's Bundle



The Gift Of Magic and


Enjoying our Fairy Garden Gifts For Grown Ups Gift Guide?

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