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Children and fairy gardens. It’s a magical combination!

We are a beautiful range of gifts that your little one will adore. Remember that fairy gardening is an adventure, and the best adventures are shared with the people we love. So, the perfect add on is your time!

Here are my fairy garden gifts for kids top picks…

gift guide to fairy gardens for kids
Fairy Garden Deluxe Kit
Hidden Hollow Wizard Garden Kit

Hidden Hollow

gift guide

Wizard Garden Kit $129.90

If you are looking for a gift that will inspire magical adventures, they are sure to be found at Hidden Hollow. The kind, old wizard is seeking a new apprentice to learn the ancient secrets of spellcasting and alchemy, do you know someone who might be up to the task?

The feature piece of this kit is the wizards house which features a quirky shingled roof and metallic gold chimney. Fairy Athena regularly drops by to visit the wizard and his owl, sharing a meal together and bringing news from the villages beyond the hollow.

Woodland Bundle Fairy Garden Accessories

We recommend…

A magical wishing well and woodland accessories complete the scene

The Woodland Bundle


Fairy Garden Deluxe Kit
Bluebird Haven Fairy Garden Kit

Bluebird Haven

Fairy Garden Kit $96.00

Bluebird Haven is a sanctuary for lost Bluebirds. Fairy Viola and Sherman Gnome are the kind hearted guardians who care for the blue feathered friends. The feature of this kit is a gnarly tree stump fashioned into a cottage, it’s extended branches providing the perfect spot for nest building and chick raising. The Bluebird Haven is the perfect gift for bird loving little ones!

Landscape Bundle Fairy Garden Accessories

We recommend…

Complete your landscape with beautiful walkways

The Landscape Bundle


Fairy Garden Deluxe Kit
Flying School Dragon Garden Kit

Flying School

Dragon Garden Kit $91.00

WARNING: This dragon garden kit is NOT for the faint hearted! Visitors to the school should expect random fire balls, low flying mishaps and general baby dragon shenanigans. Those of you familiar with dragon raising will already know that fine, magestic dragons don’t just turn out that way by virtue of being a dragon. It takes a brave, dedicated and patient teacher. Do you know someone who would make a wonderful dragon keeper?

Woodland Fairy Pack Bulk Figurines

We recommend…

No one knows flying better than fairies, the ultimate flying instructors!

The Woodland Fairy Pack


Fairy Garden Deluxe Kit
Whistling Woods Fairy Garden Kit

Whistling Woods

Fairy Garden Kit $150.00

The Whisting Woods is a classic style fairy garden kit. Fairies are reknowned for fixing “lost things” and have turned this old teapot into a delightfully quirky home. It features glittering copper coloured paint, bluestone look base, shingled portico’s over the windows and distressed detailing to highlight the fairies restorative skills.

This kit includes a gorgeous slate path with moss green accents, a hinged gate with brick style pillars, mailbox with comfortable stump seat built-in, fence, toadstool set PLUS two enchanted residents. It’s the kit with the lot! Best suited to garden beds or very large container style fairy gardens.

Afternoon Bliss Fairy Garden Accessory Bundle

We recommend…

An afternoon by the pond with a baby unicorn What could be lovelier?

The Afternoon Bliss Bundle


Afternoon Bliss Bundle

Total Value $37.15
Bundle Price $35.30
YOU SAVE $1.85



The Gift Of Magic and


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