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Miniature Garden Gifts On A Budget

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Max magic for mini spend? We’ve got you covered!

Sticking to a budget doesn’t mean compromising quality. We’ve put together a gorgeous selection of mini kits and bundles filled with premium Fiddlehead products.

Here are our fairy garden gifts under $75 top picks…

Fairy Hideaway Bundle

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Hideaway Bundle $73.35

Hideaway Bundle

Total Value $77.20
Bundle Price $73.35
YOU SAVE $3.85

  • Includes:
    Fairy Door/Foyer (x 1)
  • Window with Planter Box (x 1)
  • Fairy Hatch (x 1)

The Hideaway Bundle is perfect for fairy lovers of all ages who enjoy an interactive experience. The Fairy Landing Pad Set comprises of a foyer and window. The hinged door opens to reveal a small foyer, complete with pixie boots. A set a golden doors are located within that “only the fairies can open”. Both the window and foyer have keyhole style hooks on the back for easy mounting on a tree or fence. 

The Fairy Hatch is a beautifully styled alternative to a fairy door. Lift the door to reveal a sparkling spiral stairwell! 

All three pieces feature classic woodland styling designed to make the faies feel right at home.

Spellbinder's Mini Fairy Garden Kit


Garden Mini Kit $37.80

Spellbinder's Mini Garden Kit

Total Value $42.00
Kit Price $37.80
YOU SAVE $4.20


  • Baby Dragon - random color selection blue/green/red ( × 1 )
  • Lamp Post ( × 1 )
  • Stone Bridge ( × 1 )
  • Wizard ( × 1 )

Magic awaits at every corner! The Spellbinder’s Mini Kit is perfect for Harry Potter fans and lovers of dragons. The four piece kit is perfect for large terrarium or small container style gardens. We randomly select the dragon colour (I love suprises!) but let us know if your gift-ee has a preference (red/green/blue).


Garden Mini Kit $38.00

Goldogrin Garden Mini Kit

Total Value $42.25
Bundle Price $38.00
YOU SAVE $4.25


Gnorman Gome is well known throughout the shire for his spectacular rose garden. He lovingly tends his garden morning, noon and night. His prize winning roses are highly regarded by fey royalty. Rumour has it that the secret to his success is the gold buried all through his garden!


Garden Mini Kit $43.00

This sweet little kit is one of our fabvourites! Adorable little Gloriana is calls to her friend “Are you home? Come out to play!”

The feature of this kit is the fairy hatch, which is a great alternative to the traditional fairy door. This kit is suitable for large terrarium and container style gardens, or add to a deluxe kit as an extension.


The Gift Of Magic and


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