How to create a fairy garden Getting Started

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Let the adventure begin!

Every fairy garden is as unique as the person creating it.

Fairy gardeners are story tellers and earth healers. They possess and demonstrate the most beautiful example of magick – turning the story written in their heart into a real, living world. By doing so, they share their creativity, create green spaces and construct safe havens for fairy folk.

If you are just beginning your fairy garden, you are the pea to my pod! Creating magical spaces is my most favourite thing and I’m here to help you get started.

Let’s begin!

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Things for consideration Bringing all the elements together

There is no “right or wrong way” to create a fairy garden. Afterall, it’s your story, so the magical garden you create is perfect for you!

Sometimes, our hearts are filled with really BIG stories – and we can be so immersed in them that we get fuzzy on the starting point.

You’re in the right place. Here is your “checklist” – all the little things to consider and how I can help. I’ll cover…

Beautiful, high quality fairy garden miniatures is what Fairy Gardening Australia does best, so let’s take a look at them first!


Home, sweet home

Home is where we begin each day. It’s where we suround ourselves with the people and things that mean the most to us. It’s our safe place and our centre, so naturally, your fairy house will be the focalpoint of your fairy garden.


Your magical world

It’s not just a garden, it’s your world… and the possibilities are endless! Are your adventures are set on the forest floor, or in a meadow of wildflowers, upon rainbows in cerulean skies or upon the branches of an ancient oak tree? When you close your eyes and step into your magical world, what do you see?


Populate your garden

Every fairy garden is a story, and every character you add plays a role in your epic tale. Wizards, fairies, dragons, mermaids…. so many friends waiting to meet you and join your adventures!


Creating the scene

The elements within your garden create activity and landmarks. Pottering gnomes love to climb ladders, eye-catching signs welcome passing human and enchanted folk, table settings for gatherings.

It's not easy being green

Kermit, the frog

Naturally, plants are an important part of every garden. We’ve got a bunch of cool tips about choosing the right plants for your fairy garden here. But real plants may not always be the right option for you because of allergies, your location or maintenance.

Artificial plants are a gtreat alternative and work especially well in container gardens.


Mosses, ferns & succulents

Choose from UV stabilized artificial ferns, beautiful succulents and no-maintenance bonsai. Make sure you check out our bespoke moss kits for premium preserved moss varieties!


Fairy Garden Kits

Looking for the perfect gift or starter kit? If you are unsure where to begin, this is the best place. Our fairy garden kits have a little bit of everything!

I’ve hand picked every element of every kit to create a huge range of gorgeous layouts and themes. 

You are sure to find a beautiful combination of pieces that suit your project or a magical gift for someone special….. or use our product combinations to inspire your own selections from our base categories!

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