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Kindness Rocks In Keilor Downs Stage 4 Lockdown Project by Lily & Pepper Shaw

Kindness Rocks in Keilor Downs

Kindness is spreading sunshine into other peoples lives, regardless of the weather

Pet Rocks Created

Rocks Delivered


Kindness is spreading sunshine into other peoples lives, regardless of the weather

Pet Rocks Created

Rocks Delivered



We are Lily & Pepper

We created this project with the help of our mum and we hope it makes you smile!

Pet Rock for Kindness Project

The Project

Create pet rocks for our neighbours

We’ve been in lockdown for a REALLY long time, so we decided to do something special for our neighbours. We thought it would be fun to make everyone a pet rock and hide it in their garden.

Pet Rock for Kindness Project

.... then mum got involved

"Let's make it bigger!"

Lockdown has been challenging! One of the biggest tests has been keeping the kids engaged with the outside world. It’s important for them to feel connected to their community, consider the experiences of other community members and find ways to be a helper.

“Let’s make 10 pet rocks” they said

I said…….


Pet Rock for Kindness Project

The supplies

That's a lotta rocks!

Mum got 30kg of rocks from Bunnings and some Sharpies. We used our own acrylic paints, brushes and Mod Podge (to seal the rocks)

Covid19 Lockdown Melbourne Community Project

The time

Getting some sunshine

It took us 3 weeks to paint, draw and seal all the pet rocks. We worked on them for an hour each day after our online classroom meetings.

Rock painting for Melbourne Lockdown Kindness Project

The fun

We love to sing

Some days it was too cold and rainy to paint outside. Mum took this sneaky video of us painting rocks in the garage. Turn up the sound!

Working on our Kindness Rock in Keilor Downs
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Pet Rock for Kindness Project

.... we had to figure out a few things

The Challenges

Once all the pet rocks were ready for their new homes, we realised that delivering them might not be as easy as we thought. We are allowed one hour of excersize each day outside our home and rocks are heavy!

We knew that people might not look for their pet rock if they didn’t know it was there. They also needed to know that the rock was a gift (not accidently left there!)

The Solutions

Planning & Mapping

Mum printed out maps of Keilor Downs so we could count out the 609 houses closest to us. We figured out how many rocks we could carry, how far we could walk and get home within an hour, then we drew paths on the map that we would take each day. We kept a record of how many rocks we delivered each day so we could update our blog.

Creating maps to deliver Kindness in Keilor Downs

Help from Nanny

We created a note to put in everyones letterbox. Four notes fit on a A4 page, but meant we would need 152 copies. Luckily, our grandmother could help. Nanny Wendy printed them for us and sent them all the way down from Maitland in New South Wales. She included lots of fun gifts and games in the box because she is the best!

.... we learned some things

The Lessons

We really love art and craft, so it was fun painting the rocks and giving each one their own personality

We practised map reading and using maths to find solutions

We learned how to edit photos

We learned about blog writing, QR codes and how to edit blocks in wordpress

We learned that making other people smile makes our hearts happy!

Mum said...

I’m really proud of Lily and Pepper for their initiative and dedication.

Throughout this project, we’ve had some really beautiful conversations about the importance of community and family, what it means to be a part of them and what happens when you are not. 

We came to the conclusion that, while we don’t know everyone or what they are experiencing during lockdown, we do know that everyone should have a reason to smile and we can do something to help with that.

I hope everyone who receives a pet rock really enjoys the gift from my kids

Pet Rock for Kindness Project

did you receive a pet rock?

Please let us know in the comments below and tell us your new pets name

If you are reading this blog and didn’t receive a pet rock, thank you for taking the time to read about our project. We wish we could make pet rocks for everyone but we also have to do other things

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