What's the deal with Magic Beans?

It’s cooler than a loyalty program. It’s a kindness program.

Because KINDNESS makes everyone’s world more magical.

Magic Beans

I had been wanting to implement a loyalty program for years but never found a model that felt right. The basic structure is always “points for spend”. While there is nothing wrong with that, it’s also somewhat “limited”. I mean, there are eleventy million ways you can support a small business, and it just feels odd to reward/thank people for just one of those ways.

Creating World's Is What We Do Best!

I recently spent a huge amount of time re-building the Fairy Gardening Australia website. Central to the rebuild was improving the user experience for our customers and community members. I had the opportunity to think about what makes our members amazing and build a platform that embraced it. You can read more about the building process here

The new Fairy Gardening Australia website is a sort of “magical garden” itself. The adventure begins the moment you step through the little door. Your dashboard is your home – a place from which you access all the cool in-built features (such as the learning centre, shop, account, galleries, etc.) and the Community Tidings page is like the “town centre”. It’s a place to catch up with friends, hear about their adventures, admire their work and showcase your own. 

It’s a world in itself and in my world I value kindness above anything else. It’s pretty simple: when you give love, you get love.

Kindness really is its own reward, but I felt that it could be more, and the Magic Beans program was born!

Get Rewarded For Kindness

The new Fairy Gardening Australia website has been programmed to recognise acts of kindness and reward them. It’s really easy and you can give it a go straight away! On your dashboard, you will find a “values” bubble. Clicking on it will open a list of recognised kind actions and the rewards received. Over time, this list will be adjusted to include additional features as they are made available. Here are some examples:

Send a Compliment

Every community member has a button built in to their profile that allows you to send them a compliment. Simply visit their profile, click the button and select the type of compliment you wish to send them. You can optionally add a personal message. You may wish to compliment for uploading a photo that inspired you, thank them for brightening your day or even welcome them to our community!

Earn 5❧

Publish a Gallery Photo

Your dashboard has a built in gallery builder and photo uploader. Share your fairy garden progress photos and tell us your story! Remember, we’re all here because we LOVE fairy gardening, so your photo is guaranteed to inspire and delight.

Earn 10❧

Important things to know:

  • Kindness is FREE. You don’t need to spend money to be rewarded.
  • The values list DOES contain negative values. If you write a kind comment and then delete it, the rewards that you earned will disappear along with it. There are also limitations to the number of actions that will be rewarded within a given timeframe. These are safeguards to ensure that the system works as intended.
  • Fairy Gardening Australia is a business, owned and operated by ME (Hey, I’m Kim, nice to meet you!), not a faceless enterprize. Your kindness makes other members feel good, it makes ME feel good, and it supports the work I do which, in turn, supports my family. 
  • This system is experimental. I havent found a precedent so I have no idea if it is viable. However, I think it is worth a shot! I might have to amend the system over time. If you find a way to make it better, I am eager to hear from you!
  • Magic Beans are exclusively available to our community members. Excludes trade account holders and guests of the Fairy Gardening Australia website. Magic Beans cannot be earned on purchases placed via our retail partners.

Earn Magic Beans, Exchange Them For Gift Vouchers

You can keep track of your Magic Beans via your dashboard. Your balance can be viewed at Dash – HOME and a log of your Magic Beans activity can be found here. A notification will appear on your screen in real time as you earn Magic Beans. In addition, your dashboard has a built in Bean Exchange

At the Bean Exchange, you can trade your Magic Beans back to me for a gift voucher. Super easy, REAL rewards! Your gift voucher can be used in-store and online to reduce the cost of your Fairy Gardening Australia purchases. YES – in my world, being kind can get you cool stuff and it’s an awesome thing to know the pieces in your own garden were earned by being NICE!

So, go forth, sprinkle your kindness all over the joint and grow your bean balance today!

Log in to your account to get started. 

New to Fairy Gardening Australia? Tip toe through the fairy door at the bottom of your page to become a member

P.S. If you had a pre-existing user account that was migrated to our new membership system, check your balance! I have popped 50❧ in there for you. You’re welcome!

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