Magic Beans

Imagine a world where kindness is rewarded

A world where kindness is currency

Where the size of your heart determines the size of your purse

Creating new worlds is what Fairy Gardening does best, and that gave us a brilliant idea….

What are Magic Beans?

Magic Beans are rewards that we give our members when they show kindness to us and other community members.

Fairy Gardening Australia has recently introduced a new membership system. Our system brings together all the things that we do best. At the heart of the system is our in-built social platform that celebrates the creativity, skill and adventures of our members.

The Concept

Kindness is sharing and listening. It’s giving a compliment, helping, smiling, encouraging and inspiring. Kindness is giving everyone the opportunity to shine, playing fair, saying please and thankyou. The best thing is that kindness costs nothing, but the rewards are immense.

It’s a simple idea – it’s rewarding our members for being their best self. When you step into our world, we place the highest value on the things that you do, not the amount of money that you spend.

Real Rewards

Members can visit the Bean Exchange and trade their beans back to us in exchange for gift vouchers. Yes, really! The rewards are real – you make someone else feel good, which makes you feel good and you save money.

That's not how loyalty programs work!

It’s our world and we can do whatever we want! And also, why not? Magic Beans is based on the universal law: If you want joy, give joy to others. If you want love, give love; attention, give appreciation. It seems like a pretty solid basis for a loyalty program to us.

Of course, when you purchase from us, you are supporting us and that’s also an act of kindness, so you can earn beans for purchases too. 

Join the fun!

Magic Beans are exclusive to our Fairy Gardening Australia Community Members. Tip toe through the fairy door to begin your fairy gardening adventure today!

beginner ideas for fairy gardens

Exchange Your Magic Beans (Redeem)

Magic Beans can be exchanged for discounts on purchases from Fairy Gardening Australia**

*Fairy Gardening Australia user accounts registered prior to 24th April 2019 have automatically migrated to the Community Membership system. 50❧ has been added to all bean purses, with compliments, by Kim Shaw

**Applies to purchases made via the official Fairy Gardening Australia website and in-store at Cobblebank (VIC) showroom. Excludes trade account holders and orders placed via our authorized retail partners.

How do I earn Magic Beans?

Magic Beans can be earned by registered members of Fairy Gardening Australia. To begin earning beans register/login to your account. Beans are awarded for actions within the community and on purchases. Click the button below the Basic Activities list for a complete list of current actions and values.

How do I join the Fairy Gardening Community?

See the little fairy door on the bottom left of your screen? Your adventure begins there! Note that member profiles must be self-created and registration requires consent to our terms, privacy policy and community standards policy.

Do I pay a membership fee?


How do I check my Magic Bean balance?

Your Magic Bean balance can be viewed on your members profile when you are logged in to your account. Your Magic Beans statement (which registers all increments/actions) can be viewed via your dashboard.

How do I redeem my Magic Beans?

Magic Beans can be exchanged for vouchers to be used as partial payments towards purchases from Fairy Gardening Australia. Members can visit the Magic Bean Exchange from their dashboard or checkout. Exchange 200❧ for a $10 voucher. Vouchers are valid for 1 year from the date of issue and can be redeemed on orders over $50 (excluding GST & Shipping). A Voucher Code is generated and stored in the log (accessed via dashboard). Vouchers are single use only and multiple vouchers are not accepted on a single order.

Can I transfer my Magic Bean Balance?

No. Magic Beans are not transferrable to other community members or redeemable as cash.

Do Magic Beans expire?

No, Magic Beans do not have an expiry date.

Magic Beans can be exchanged for discount vouchers. These vouchers have an expiry date of 365 days from the date of issue. 

Terms & Conditions

Fairy Gardening Australia reserves the right to modify or cancel the Magic Beans program at any time.

The Magic Beans program is available to registered members of Fairy Gardening Australia and is valid in its current format from 1st July 2019.

Magic Beans will not be paid out in the following instances:

  • A member is not logged in when placing an order
  • The order is paid with a manual payment gateway (e.g. invoiced)
  • If a product is excluded from the program

Magic Beans are not exchangable for cash.

The Magic Beans program is unavailable to trade account holders and will not apply to orders placed via our retail partners.

Magic Beans that are earned by percentage of the cart total and are not payable on the GST or shipping components of the order total. 

Magic Beans must be exchanged for vouchers via the Magic Bean Exchange popup to create valid discount codes.

Vouchers are valid for 1 year from the date of issue. Expired vouchers cannot be claimed under any circumstances and no extensions will be given.

The Magic Beans program is extended to include rewards for actions undertaken by members within the Fairy Gardening Australia community platform. Actions have a defined value of Magic Beans with limitations. Negative actions result in removal of Magic Beans from the members account. This function is automatic and no correspondence will be entered into in the event of dispute.

A complete list of actions, values and limits is available to view on the Fairy Gardening Australia at all times.

Members may access a log of their Magic Bean activity and balance at any time via the members dashboard.

From time to time, Fairy Gardening Australia may make additional action/reward/offers available for a limited time. These "Bonus Bean" offers will be announced to members via the community platform and/or our mailing list and/or via our social platforms.

Fairy Gardening Australia may contact members via email regarding updates to the Magic Beans program and/or information about the members balance.

The conditions and terms set out here, plus the information contained on this page, together with our Membership Policy, Copyright Policy, Terms and Privacy Policy of Fairy Gardening Australia form the complete guidelines and terms within which the Magic Beans program is offered to members. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Magic Bean Values | May 2019

  • You must be logged into you member account for Magic Beans to apply
  • Magic Beans must be exchanged for vouchers to generate valid discount codes for store purchases. The Magic Bean Exchange can be accessed via your member dashboard
  • Administration reserves the right to update values at any time. Bonus Bean offers may be offered from time to time. These will be announced via our newsletter, social media and via our community platform.


Value (❧)


Purchases Instore/Online

5% (ex. GST)

No limit. (Applies to order total, excluding GST and shipping. Excludes trade account holders & purchases made via our retail partners)

Member Registration


1 / lifetime



1 / year (must be included in member profile to apply)

Update Profile Avatar


1 / month

Send Invitation


2 / day

Sent Invitation Accepted



Send Compliment


2 / week

Community Comment


5 / day

Publish Gallery Photo 


3 / month

Publish Gallery Video 


1 / month

Favourite Photo/Post


5 / week

Remove Comment


No limit

Un-publish Gallery Photo


No limit

Un-publish Gallery Video


No limit

Un-favourite Photo/Post


No limit

SPAM Comment


No limit

De-activate Membership


Membership de-activation will remove all Magic Beans from your account. Members must apply for de-activation by contacting administration.

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