March 2020 Trading Notice

Our response to COVID-19

Yes, fairies ARE affected by the virus. How? Fear is the opposite of love. When fear begins to effect our choices and actions, the world becomes a little less magical. Fairy Gardening Australia believes in magic, values kindness and prioritizes the physical and emotional safety of our customers and community.

The trading notices below are a brief summary of the immediate measures we have undertaken in response to COVID-19. We would like to emphasize that these measures are undertaken with love, and are NOT fear driven. We want you to feel safe.

And while we have your attention, we would like to thank you for your support. Fairy Gardening Australia is a small, family owned business. The next few months are going to be very challenging. When you purchase from us, you join our campaign for love and magic to overcome fear. Together, we can bring magic back to the world again! #magicwillwin

I’m writing a blog about these topics and will have it published within the next few days. Come back and read it!

Kindly and with the brightest blessings,

Kim Shaw

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