Complete Your Member Account Integration

We recently migrated your user account to our new membership system. Today, you’ll learn how to complete your profile setup and manage your settings.

We recommend opening another tab on your device while following the instructions below (one to complete actions, another to follow instructions). 

New Profile Fields

During account migration, we added a number of profile information fields to your account. These include:

Profile Picture – You have been assigned a default profile image. You’re a unicorn. We have included ten profile image options (known as Incarnations) for you to choose from. Alternatively, you can upload your own image. 

Profile Name – To protect your privacy, we have given you the ability to create a profile name. While we recommend that you make this the same as your actual name, you are also welcome to give yourself a new name. In our world, you are free to be the narwhal known as Zolathian Sparklebottom! Keep in mind, publicly displayed content contributions by you (photo’s, comments, etc) will be attributed to your profile name and all public content on the internet is sharable. Choose a profile name that makes your heart happy but remember that profile names cannot be changed once created.

Birthday – If we know when it’s your birthday, we can send you a gift. It’s optional. If you don’t like gifts, that’s ok too.

Suburb/Region – Your profile cover displays meta data provided by you about the area that you live in. We ask you to provide this in a unique field and do not pull the data from your “sensitive” information to protect your privacy.

Get Started

To access your profile, you first need to log in to your account. Fairy gardens are magical worlds filled with adventure, and your adventure begins by stepping through the fairy door located at the bottom left of your screen

Our magical world is protected by dragons. You will be asked to state your business and be given a number of options. Heads up – our gatekeeper dragons name is Esme. She is a big softie who loves belly rubs. She may appear fierce but offer her a handful of dragon snacks and she will be nibbling out of your hand and trying to sit on your lap. At this point, I recommend that you avoid being crushed and proceed through to your account using your login credentials. If you can’t remember your password, you can consult with a wizard who will provide you with a memory enhancing potion OR a link to create a new one.

Upon login, you will be redirected to your new dashboard. We’ll look at your dashboard features later, for now, let’s get your profile completed.


Select “Profile Settings”


Complete the fields in the Profile Info section.


Use the blue “Change” button to select your preferred visibility setting. Everyone is publicly visible (to both members and non-members). Only Me is visible to only you and admin. All Members restricts your profile meta data visibility to members of Fairy Gardening Australia only.

The visibility of profile name and picture fields is set to Everyone and cannot be changed.


Select an “Incarnation” from the available options. The default incarnation is Unicorn. You can change your profile picture later if you wish.




Other settings related to your account can be found in the Account Settings menu. Billing and shipping fields are restricted to Only Me visibility and cannot be changed. You can optionally include your social network profile links. 


Next, select “Account Settings”


From the Account Settings menu, you can

  • Change your notification settings
  • Change your compliments page settings (we’ll learn more about this later)
  • Change the settings of your community activity posts related to store purchases
  • Request a personal data export
  • Change your password
  • Select your overall account privacy


From the Account Settings menu, you have the option to mark your profile as PRIVATE. This means that your account can not be searched or viewed by other community members. Any community actions such as comments, photo uploads or other contributions cannot be seen by anyone other than you and admin. 

Navigation Tip: The Secret Menu

Logged in members have access to a secret menu that is hidden from visitors (non-members). Log in to your account to reveal the menu and explore!

That’s it! Your account integration is complete. You can head back to your dashboard, explore our new community features or begin shopping!

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