Member Offers

What is it?

We’ve recently introduced Member Offers to all our Community Member account holders. As a Community Member, you have exclusive access to these benefits.

Member Offers include benefits such as product or shipping discounts, free gifts or exclusive content. Offers are regularly updated and each has an expiry date.

How do I access my member offers?

You must be logged in to your account to access the available offers. Not a member? You can sign up at any time! 

How do I activate my offers?

No more searching for codes or copy/pasting!

A list of current Member Offers and their expiry date is available to view in your account dashboard.

On the CART page, your offers appear at the top of screen. Simply click on the offer you would like to redeem and it will automatically be applied to your order. You MUST be logged in and meet the conditions of the offer for it to apply.

Huh, conditions?

Each offer will clearly state the terms under which it will be valid. Some may require a minimum spend, others may apply to specific products. We may also include offers that require no minimum conditions. Each offer has a strict expiry date and usage limitation.

But what about the other rewards program?

We launched a program early in 2019 that allowed members to earn “points” (magic beans) and redeem them on purchase. While the model was great, we found that our members were not using the program. We made the decision to replace it with this new, simpler approach. Now, you just log in, click and save – that’s it! 

Redeem your member offers today!

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