Members Policy

Magical people bring out the magic in people

Our members policy is simple: be magical. Our members community exists primarily to celebrate and share magic.

As of May 2019, our user account system has been migrated to our community platform. Our membership platform has been developed to accomodate both private and public members. All of our members personal details remain secure and private.

We have replaced the “My Account” page with a dashboard. The dashboard allows you to easily access your account details, order history, profile and community features. Members have the option to set their profile to “private” via Profile>Settings. By selecting this option, access to the community activities will be restricted to view only.

Public Members: If you select public visibility, your profile may be viewed by any visitor of the Fairy Gardening Australia website. Viewable data includes and is limited to your first and last name, country of residence, Suburb or Region (provided by you during registration), meta data that you have selected to make public, photo uploads by you to both galleries and global activity wall, all comments/content contributed by you, post reactions, ordered items (item title only), magic bean balance, achievement badges and any other data marked as publically viewable. Private data such as email address, phone number, billing & shipping addresses, credit card/payment details and any other information determined to be sensitive is confidential and secure within our system and are not visible to anyone but the logged in member.

Members of Fairy Gardening Australia are required to manage the visibility settings of their data. Our staff are happy to assist with this if you need help or direction.

Any member may request a copy of their records from our database at any time. Membership cancellation must be requested by contacting our team. For legal and tax purposes, we are required to keep records for a minimum of seven years. 

Photo Contributions: Members are welcome to share photos of their gardens and related subjects on our website via the channels available on the dashboard. Image uploads must not breach our community standards or any copyright. We have developed guidelines to assist members understand and comply with our photo policy. Uploaded images will be watermarked by our software.

Content Contribution: Content includes all comments, blog posts and written content submitted by our members. All member contributed content is moderated by administration and will be removed if it breaches community standards.

Our copyright policy is enforcable. Members and visitors are required to credit and link to Fairy Gardening Australia as the source and author of any content shared from this site.

Fairy Gardening Australia reserve the right to refuse or cancel membership of any member in breach of policies or community standards, or any person requesting membership. Community membership is not available to trade account holders or any persons engaged in activities considered to be in direct competition with Fairy Gardening Australia (whether for financial gain or not).

The terms of trade, privacy policy, membership policy, copyright policy, Magic Beans T/C’s and community guidelines set out by Fairy Gardening Australia may be updated at any time. Members are expected to be familiar with these documents and read them in full before agreeing to abide by them. To the best of our ability, we will notify our members when major updates or changes are applied.

Please contact our Customer Care team if you have any questions about our policies.

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