Membership Policy

Member Contributions Policy

Content submission will be displayed in the public blog hosted by Fairy Gardening Australia. By submitting your images and content, you are authorizing Fairy Gardening Australia to use your submitted images and content on our website, in our newsletter and social media platforms. Where possible, credit is given to the image author.
Fairy Gardening Australia will NEVER provide your images or content to third parties without your express permission, however, once your submission is published, we are unable to control image lifting and content sharing. Further, we accept no responsibility for images or content appearing on unauthorized third party websites and platforms.
We require you to have gained permission from all individuals included in your submission (mention & images) prior to submission. (Guardian permission for persons under 18 years old). We assume that you have those permissions at the time of submission. If your personal image appears in our gallery and you did not provide authorization, please contact us immediately. Additionally, images and content appearing in your submission must be your own. Image and content theft is the leading cause of bad juju.
Fairy Gardening Australia reviews all submissions to the gallery. Images and content that do not meet the requirements for approval will not be published live on our website.

Requirements for approval:
• Minimum photo quality – HD quality (min. 1080p) Images MUST be clear and captured in a way that highlights the subject of the photo.
• Image orientation must match the requirements outlined within the submission form.
• Images that contain text layers, emojis, borders or collages will not be approved. Filters are ok. We recommend using a photo editor to correct alignment, adjust lighting, sharpen, adjust colour saturation and crop unnecessary background on each image prior to upload.
• Image and content theft is taken very seriously. The content and images you submit must be your own original work. Submissions found to have breached this term will be removed and the member will be blocked from this website.
• Submissions that contain offensive material will not be approved.
• Submissions that contain spelling mistakes, grammatical errors or punctuation errors will require further review. Minor errors will be corrected be admin, however, we do not have the time to correct submissions with a large number of errors. DO NOT use shortened “SMS” language (e.g. “U” instead of “you”).

Your submission will appear on our blog for an undetermined period of time. We may remove your submission without notice or our system may auto remove your submission if our website is reaching the maximum limit to free up space for new submissions. Once it is removed, it will be stored in our database for a period not exceeding 7 years.
You may remove your submission at any time. Please contact us if you need assistance.
Fairy Gardening Australia does not charge contributors for content hosting, nor do we pay for contributions. We do, however, request that you share your submission (once it has been approved and can be viewed live on our blog) using the social share buttons on the published post page.
These terms, together with our website terms of service, comprise the complete terms of service for Fairy Garden Gallery Community Content Contribution Policy.

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