Order Tracking

Tracking Your Order (Non-members)

(Instructions for Members – log in and visit DASHBOARD > TRACKING)
1. A confirmation is emailed to you on the day your parcel is dispatched
2. Open the email and click TRACK
3. You’ll be redirected to the Australia Post website where you can view your parcels tracking events

Tracking Queries

Once your order has dispatched, it’s in the care of Australia Post.
They are in the best position to assist you with questions related to tracking and delivery.
Follow these steps:
1. Determine the location and delivery status of your parcel using the event updates recorded on the Australia Post website
2. If the delivery has not occurred and has not exceeded the delivery date estimate, sit tight – it’s still on the way and will be with you soon!

Contact Australia Post on 13 76 78 if…

• the delivery has not occurred and has exceeded the delivery date estimate
• your parcel status on the Australia Post website is DELIVERED but you have not received your parcel
• you have any other query related to tracking and delivery


4. Quote your tracking number to the Australia Post operator
5. Follow the instructions provided by the operator
6. Note the reference number provided by the operator. It will make follow up enquiries much easier
7. Tell the operator that they are doing a great job and wish them a nice day, because kindness matters, always.

How we can assist

We want your parcel in your hands as soon as possible and are here to help
Please remember that
• We do not personally deliver your parcel and we have no control over the Australia Post delivery timeframes
• We don’t have special access to Australia Post operators.
• We are happy to call on your behalf if you are unable to call them yourself, however, this may extend the time it takes for your query to be lodged and information to be relayed to you.
• We will also provide any information that can assist with parcel inquiries to you and/or Australia Post upon request.

FYI: When a delivery occurs and is left without signature, it is standard practice for the driver to take a photo of the parcel in the delivery location. In the event of a lost delivered parcel, a request for this image may only be lodged by the receiver (you), not sender (us).
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