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Children see
magic because
they look for it

Fairy gardens offer kids the opportunity to combine all the benefits of gardening with storytelling, magic and imagination. Kids learn about life cycles, responsibility, care taking, independence and environmental awareness. When you add a touch of fairy magic, the possibilities are endless!

Our Fairy Garden Planner & Activity Workbook is a beautiful way to journal their goals and progress. We’ve included information pages to help with the creation and development of your garden. Planning and journal pages encourage your child to record their journey and tell the story of their magical garden inhabitants. We’ve also included fairy garden themed activity pages – just for fun!

Information Pages

• Planning Guidance
• Container & Plant Advice
• Product Care Guide

Fun Activities

• Fairy garden themed puzzles
• Colour & Create Fairy Forest
• Random Acts of Kindness Cards


• Plan & map your fairy garden
• Learn, set goals & take ownership
• Track progress


• Chronicle your creative journey
• Keep a record of plants
• Document your enchanted inhabitants

Bonus Parent/Guardian Tip Sheet Included! Ideas and tips to help you embrace your child's magical adventure and make the most of their workbook

Start Your Own Fairy Garden Journey!

Add a touch of magic to your garden with a beautiful fairy garden kit. Each kit includes premium quality pieces from The Fiddlehead Fairy Garden Collection. 

Begin your adventure today!

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