Fairy Garden Softies

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Fairy Garden Softies are a collection of fairy garden themed pieces that are made of 100% hand felted sheep wool and are made by skilled artists under a fair trade scheme. They have been specially selected to inspire imaginations, encourage play based learning, develop fine motor skills, enhance non-verbal communication…. and are soft! This collection has been introduced to our range with our littlest and strongest (aka those with super powers and super strengths) in mind.

Wool is low allergenic, water resistant, light weight and easy to care for. A common misconception is that fairy garden pieces are toys, when in fact, they are classified as ornaments and breakage can occur when handled roughly or dropped. Our range of softies can be moved around your garden, brought inside, used to introduce fairy play and incorporated into your existing fairy garden.

Coming soon… a small range of wooden furniture pieces will be added to this collection very soon. I know…. wood isn’t exactly soft…. however, they are stake free and unpainted – and I think they’ll make a lovely addition to our softies. They’ll be here any day now… watch this space!

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