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Fairy Garden Product Information

Create an enchanted space in your garden!

fairy garden_FGAFairy gardening is fun for both children and adults. Creating a garden is a great project and a wonderful way for parents and grandparents to spend quality time with children. Once your garden is complete, spend time together telling enchanted stories, maintaining the garden and bringing the world of fairies to life!

Add a fairy house or fairy door, surround it with moss, low growing ground covers or pebbles, add flowers and plants, then decorate with our large range of fairy garden homes, furniture, features and accessories. Personalize your fairy garden with a tiny pair of fairy gum boots or a tin bucket, create winding paths, add bridges over pretty streams create a fairy ring from our selection of toadstools – the possibilities are endless!

Every fairy garden is as unique as its designer. There is no right or wrong way to make a fairy garden. Let your imagination take hold and have fun! Our fairy garden pieces are designed for outdoor use, however, it is important to read the care instructions below.

Our miniature garden products do vary in scale. Each product has the dimensions listed in the item description. If you would prefer your garden to have a uniform scale, we recommend that you check the dimensions and compare sizing between items when making your selections. If, like me, you prefer to let you heart guide you, you can totally disregard the scale and choose the pieces that you love, knowing that the fairies will not mind at all!

Disclaimer – If purchasing our products for children, it is important to consider their age and stage of development. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian/carer to gauge the suitability of our products. Our products may contain small pieces or sharp edges and may not be suitable for children under the age of 3 years. We recommend that children wear protective clothing (e.g. shoes, hat and sunscreen) when creating their miniature gardens outdoors.


Maintaining & Caring For Your Fairy Garden Products

4249_fairy_garden_signKeep your fairy gardening pieces safe and out of extreme weather. Australia has an extreme climate and some thought needs to be given to which items are suitable for your local climate. We recommend that you bring your fairy garden pieces inside when hail or extremely hot days are forecast.

Every product available on our website notes the material to is made from. By taking the time to care for your products, you can use and re-use them for many years.

Wood, Resin & Polystone Products – Our manufacturers recommend that every product be given an bi-annual coat of UV protectant spray or polyurethane spray to protect against UV rays. We also recommend that your products not be left in direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Over an extended period of time, direct sunlight may cause your products to fade. Try to place your products in an area of filtered sunlight or shelter – these are the places that fairies love best!

Metal Products – Metal miniature garden products will rust, like all metal products do. Our white wire products have been powder coated, however, gaps will occasionally appear in this coating and it is common for rust to quickly develop when these items are left outdoors. Personally, I really love the look of rusted accessories. If, however, you prefer your pieces to stay in perfect condition, a emery board will quickly sand away any rust and you can refresh your pieces with a coat of spray paint. Think creative! Choose bright colours. Red, orange and yellow will make your pieces will look amazing against the greenery of your garden.

You can read more about product care and maintenance HERE


Fairy Garden Maintenance TipsSmall-plant-in-hand22

If you are creating a miniature garden, choose plants which a low maintenance and easy to care for. A true miniature garden will contain plants which are small in scale, have small leaves and grow slowly. It can be difficult to find quality suppliers who specialize is miniature plants, and for this reason, we recommend that you visit your local nursery and discuss your needs with the staff. Ask for ground covers, slow growing varieties, and plants which will produce small leaves and blooms.

However, there is a difference between a miniature garden and a fairy garden. A fairy garden is simply a space in your garden that honours the fairies and other enchanted visitors and makes your heart smile. Fairies are of our world and are the guardians of all plants and animals. Normal sized plants are completely fine! There is no need to concern yourself with scale – simply choose plants that you love. Fairies really do love flowers so choosing plants with pretty blooms is a wonderful way to make your enchanted visitors feel welcome in your garden. If you are involving children in the creation of a fairy garden, we recommend that you involve them in the selection process. Take your little ones to your local garden centre or nursery. Let them ask the staff questions about which plants the fairies will enjoy – you will find the staff are more than happy to engage with your little ones about their fairy garden project. Let children enjoy the sight, textures and scents of the plants. Children have a natural connection with the fairies and will often be guided to the perfect plants for your garden.

It is common sense to choose plants which suit the area where they will be located (full sunlight, shaded area, etc.) Moss is a delightful addition to any miniature garden. You can get tips for growing moss in your garden HERE. Do not over water your garden. Follow the watering schedule for the varieties of the plants that you have selected. Evening is the best time to water your plants – this will give your plants the best chance to grow and absorb the water by morning. It also trains their roots to look for water by themselves. Generally speaking, soil should dry out to just barely damp between watering sessions. Stick your finger in the soil around the base of each plant to check. If it is barely damp, water. If it is moist, wait a a day or two. Just because it is hot outside doesn’t necessarily mean that your plants need watering everyday. Let the soil tell you when to water – not the clock or the calendar.

Use gloves to remove weeds if they appear. Regularly remove any dead leaves from your garden and trim any dead branches by cutting them off at the base of the stem or branch. Slugs and insects love to hide in dead foliage so it is important to remove it from your garden.

When using potting mix or compost etc, it is important to wear protective clothing and a dust mask. Click HERE for further information and advice.

Populating Your Fairy Garden

The most important part of a fairy garden is the fairies! Adding fairies, angels and mini friends to your fairy garden will bring it to life! Of course, when the real fairies come visiting they will enjoy the company of the friends you have added. A selection of fairies, angels and friends have a stake included for secure placement in your garden. Please check the dimensions in the product description. Scale will vary.

We are here to help!

For further information about our products, please contact us via the contact form. We are more than happy to discuss your needs and work with you to help create your enchanted world.

For further information about plants, plant care and garden maintenance, please contact your local garden centre for expert advice.

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