Crystal Moss Kit

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A beautifully boxed, exquisite jumble of high quality preserved mosses and natural treasures. Create a magical fairy garden landscape with the various colours and textures.

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Age Suitability

5+ years

The Crystal Moss Kit includes...


Inspired by...

Wellness & wonder

Infuse your fairy garden landscape with the healing properties of crystals. Enchanted landscapes are places of peace, happiness and healing, it makes sense to amplify this goodness with exquisite gems created within the heart of our Mother Earth. Crystals in your fairy garden will capture the sunlight and turn it into a dazzling display of tantalizing twinkles, heal your soul and bliss out your resident fairies.

The Crystal Moss Kit is a jumble of mosses, natural treasures and beautiful crystals. 

Amethyst Cluster approx. 4cm x 4cm x 4cm purple, associated with peace, creative thinking, spiritual awareness and enhancement of intuition.
Rose Quartz approx. 4cm x 4cm x 4cm peachy pink, associated with love, harmony, friendship and trust
Selenite Crystal Wands approx. 7cm long each (3 pieces) clear/white, associated with healing and cleansing, protection and clarity
Fluorite small rough cut stones – green, associated with self-confidence, learning, balance, positivity and stimulation of the immune system
Assorted Crystal Chips that include Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Selenite and Flourite

  • The Crystal Moss Kit contains a patch of sheet moss, green spanish moss and an assortment of reindeer mosses.
  • All our mosses are high quality and sustainably grown. They have been preserved and colour enhanced.
  • Preserved moss will not grow, does not require water and will last for up to 30 years in low humidity environments.
  • Preserved moss is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Visit our Moss Information page to learn more about preserved moss.
  • Natural treasures include wood slices and mini pine cones.

The un-boxing experience

We carefully pack each moss kit into a high quality, re-usable kraft box with a clear window lid sourced from a local supplier. Each moss kit includes a sweet little fairy key tied to a handmade tag with fine hemp twine and a tendril of leafy vine ribbon. The reverse of the tag has a QR code linked to our Moss Information page.

Things you can do with your moss kit

Use it to fancify your fairy garden, terrariums and other green projects. Our average moss kit contains about 16cm³ of various mosses which is enough for a medium sized container fairy garden if you go nuts and add the lot. Or…. do as fairies do and be delicate with your placement and positioning. We’re creating blissful scenes for fairy tiptoe-ing over luxurious clouds of squishy-ness. Go lightly.

Things you can’t do with your moss kit

Preserved moss is REAL, but it has been treated to retain its texture and quality. Therefore, you don’t need to water it, ever. Please don’t eat it either – not even a nibble. Reindeer moss is a delicious snack for reindeer, not humans. We also recommend our moss kits for ages 5+ because they contain small parts.

Variation of materials

The contents of our moss kits are made by Mother Nature and enhanced/preserved/processed by humans. As such, it is normal for variations to occur. Please use our images as a guide. Your moss kit will be lovingly assembled by hand in our studio with as much care as possible to reflect the sample image, however, every kit will be unique. Various quantities of moss in the depicted colours make up the total quantity. Natural materials such as dried flowers (if included) may vary slightly due to seasonal availability.

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