Fairy Garden Kit Box - Gardening Gnome


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Fairy Garden Kit In A Box  is a beautifully packed, hand picked selection of fairy garden ornaments, natural treasures and premium preserved mosses.

In our Gardening Gnome Kit, you’ll find

Ornament Specifications (cm)HWLSMaterial
Gnorman Gnome73.53polystone
Garden Shed (hinged doors, styled interior, side potting bench)8.584.8polystone
Mini Terracotta Pots (2 pieces)1.822polystone
Red & Pink Flower Picks (2 pieces)733metal, acrylic, resin
Base Kit Inclusions
Reindeer Mossapprox. 400cm³sustainably harvested, preserved and colour enhanced
Sheet Mossapprox. 200cm²sustainably harvested, preserved and colour enhanced
Natural Materialsassortedsustainably sourced, natural pine cone, pods, branch slice, bundled chamfer cut twigs
Gift Box17cm x 13cm x 6cmAustralian made thick kraft board with crystal clear lid
Embellishmentsassortedhemp twine parcel knot, green leafy vine ribbon, hand-made textured cardstock tag
Instruction Cardfull colour, illustrateddouble-sided card with simple instructions and kit contents information

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The Unboxing Experience

Each kit is carefully packed in a high quality kraft box. The fairy garden ornaments are beautifully arranged on a soft bed of mosses and enclosed with a crystal clear window lid. The box wrapped with a length of hemp twine and topped with a tendril of leafy vine ribbon and a sweet little gift tag that reads “a little magic for someone special”. We’ve also included a beautifully illustrated instruction card with the kit. It’s an un-boxing delight and sure to inspire creative play, whimsical imaginings and smiles!

Usage & Suitability

The recipient of your magical gift can create their garden in almost any container, including the box itself! The instruction card suggests upcycling an old container such as a bowl or tray. The mosses are best suited to indoor use, however, the ornaments are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

A number of items within the kit have small metal stakes attached, which is common for high quality fairy garden ornaments and designed to keep them both upright and secure within the garden. Keep this in mind when deciding on the suitability of this kit for young children. Other small items are also contained within the kit, so we generally recommend you choose this gift for children over the age of 5 years. Our instruction card recommends filling the bottom of the box with sand, floral foam or any other soft filler (not included) to allow space for the stakes.

Fairy gardening is loved by all ages! Fairy Garden Kit In A Box is the perfect gift for your kids, friends, teacher, parents, grandparents, neighbour….. everyone! Magic and creative play have no age limit.

What is preserved moss?

Preserved moss is real and sustainably harvested. It’s been preserved, colour enhanced and is commonly used in terrariums, floral arrangements and indoor green projects. It doesn’t require any water and will retain it’s appearance for a very long time.

Reindeer moss has a fluffy appearance and delightfully squishy texture. Sheet moss is flat and has the appearance of grass. Preserved mosses are generally recommended for indoor use, however, it can be used outside in protected environments such as patios. If it is used outside, we recommend that you “anchor” it to the surface of your garden to ensure it doesn’t sail away with a gust of wind. Preserved moss is perfect for creating charming, low maintenance enchanted landscapes.

Gardening Gnome Kit in a Box

Fairy Garden Kit Box - Gardening Gnome


or 4 payments of $15.00 with  

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