Fairy Garden Moss Kit by FGA

Fairy Garden Moss Kit


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Fairy Garden Moss Kit by FGA

Our fairy garden moss kit is filled with premium preserved mosses and beautifully boxed. It’s an earthy jumble of colours and textures, hand picked for dreamy miniature landscapes.

Mosses included:

  • Sheet Moss (rich green, resembles grass)
  • Spanish Moss (fawn coloured, resembles vine-like tendrils)
  • Reindeer Moss (three shades – medium green, dark green & fuchsia, soft and fluffy with a squishy texture)

Each kit contains a delicate dotting of dried seasonal flowers which vary between individual kits (because suprises are lovely).

Fairy Garden Moss Kit’s are lovingly packed in a closable kraft box. We’ve cellophane wrapped your mosses and included a QR code. It links to our Fairy Garden Moss Information page where you’ll find further info and usage ideas. You’ll also find care instructions and fun facts. (Click here to view) We’ve adorned the box with a snippet of green leaf ribbon and an excessive winding of cotton twine, to which, we’ve attached a sweet little metal fairy key.

The unboxing experience

The box is closable and re-usable – we recommend storing treasures that you find (such as feathers, pretty stones, decorative barks and the like) in the box until you find the perfect spot in your enchanted landscape for them. Kinda’ like a natural treasure box!

Each time you work on your miniature landscape, keep your Fairy Garden Moss Kit close by. A tuft of colour, a patch of grass, a draping of rustic tendrils – they’ll always be within reach as your miniature landscape grows and evolves.

The moss kit contains approx. 14cm³ which is enough for a medium sized container fairy garden if you go nuts and add the lot. Or…. do as fairies do and be delicate with your placement and positioning. We’re creating blissful scenes for fairy tiptoe-ing over luxurious emerald clouds of squishy-ness. Go lightly.

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Fairy Garden Moss Kit


or 4 payments of $6.99 with  

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