Fairy Witch Kitchen Miniature Set, Limited Edition

Fairy Witch Kitchen - Special Edition Boxed Set

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The Fairy Witch Kitchen – Boxed Set a beautiful collection of high quality miniatures, most of which have been hand crafted in Melbourne exclusively for this special edition of our popular set. Each potion bottle has been delicately filled and labeled, each flower has been created by hand, even the miniature spell books have been traditionally bound and contains actual spells.

The set features a decorative plaque with shepherds hook, whimsical style furniture, an assortment of cookware and cannisters, herbs and mushrooms in terracotta pots, teapot, bowls….. everything the Fairy Witch needs to cook up the perfect potion.

The components of our limited edition set are beautifully boxed and make the perfect gift for collectors of curiosities, mavens of magic and anyone inclined to stir up a little magic themselves.

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4+ years

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Indoor & Outdoor Use (read our care guide for further information)

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The Fairy Witch’s Kitchen is a place where magic is infused into everything she cooks up. It’s filled with all manner of curiosities, rare wildcraft findings, carefully cultivated herbs and potent cures for all ills.

With experience, wisdom and inherited secrets, the Fairy Witch brews healing potions, concocts poultices and creates magical remedies for the forest folk and creatures.
Everyone, great and small, are welcomed into her kitchen!
All are greeted with a warm cup of tea and a place at the table. Visits are always merry and filled with laughter. Her guests love to peruse her vast collection of essences and always want to know which is the most magical ingredient of all. She smiles, draws them in close and whispers…

“I have clockwise stirred cures, exotic extracts and elixirs, pinches of perculiar powders and a treasury of tipples and treatments. Each has a unique and special property, but none can match the two most important ingredients. The secret to mending hearts, bodies and minds is love and a listening ear.”

Limited edition collectors set featuring beautifully embossed lid by Fairy Gardening Australia
Item details from our Fairy Witch Kitchen Special Collectors Edition

This special edition of our Fairy Witch Kitchen is a tribute to those whose kitchen is the heart of their home. Those who nourish and heal their friends and family with cups of tea, lovingly prepared meals and home baked treats. Those who have a place for everyone at their table. Those who send delicious meals and treats to their neighbors and community members.
These blessed ones truly have the heart of the kitchen witch!

Handmade With Love in Melbourne

Our Fairy Witch Kitchen Special Edition includes unique, hand crafted components designed and made specially for this exclusive boxed set

The Fairy Witch Kitchen Special Edition Boxed Set includes...

Fairy Witch Kitchen SignDouble sided with harlequin pattern on rear, resin coated plaque with ornate metal top frame and 16.5cm high metal shepherds hook Handmade
Woodland Table & StoolsWood slice and stump design, five piece set. Table diam 5.5cm
Tiered Wooden ShelfBlack wood slice design, 6cm high plus 5cm metal stake for secure positioning Handmade
Potion BottlesSet of 8 bottles of various size, each uniquely labeled. Bottles contain replica ingredients. Note: Sage bottle contains real sage, Octopus Slime glows in the dark, Butterfly wings are NOT real. All bottles are sealed closed and labels are water resistant Handmade
CookwareCopper pot with lid, black metal pot, black ceramic teapot with lid, brown glazed milk jug. Various sizes.
Cannister & BowlsSet of two porcelain cannisters with intricate design and matching lids plus set of three bowls
Spell Book & GrimoireBeautifully crafted miniature books with water resistant, styled covers. Books contain real pages bound in traditional style double-fan adhesive binding with cloth lined reinforced spines. The pages contain actual spells, which may or may not be legible due to miniaturization of print. Books have well worn, aged appearance. Handmade
Magic Wand and CandleMiniature sized metal wand with rainbow effect hematite star. Miniature sized replica candle with melted wax appearance, made of polymer clay Handmade
Herb PlanterMini oval shaped terracotta planter with an assortment of herbs and flowers Handmade
Magic Mushroom PotMini terracotta pot with red fly agaric mushrooms, green anteuphorbium stems and a pink belladonna lily Handmade
Flower PicksA trio of colourful flower picks including a pink oleander, red amaryllis and datura 'Devil's Trumpet' featuring two flowers with violet accents Handmade

The set includes high quality miniature replicas, most of which have been hand crafted in Melbourne specially for this themed deluxe kit. Each potion bottle has been delicately filled and labeled, each flower has been crated by hand, even the miniature spell book and grimoire have been traditionally bound and contain well known magical cooking spells. The minute attention to detail is appreciated with a keen eye (and perhaps a magnifying glass!).

The components of the set are beautifully boxed and closed with black textured card lid that has been carefully embossed by hand with a decorative leaf design.

The Fairy Witch Kitchen is the perfect gift for someone you love, collectors of curiosities and every day kitchen witches.

Care Notes
β€’ Every element of this set is water resistant with the exception of the spell books which have a water resistant cover only

β€’ Please be mindful of the light weight and size of some components when choosing a display location. We recommend using a tiny bit of removable, pressure sensitive adhesive putty to stabilize and secure small components to furniture pieces.

β€’ The tiered shelf, sign and flowers have stakes for secure positioning. Floral foam is a great alternative to a traditional garden bed or planter and will provide stability for these items in alternate locations. Tip: cover floral foam with beautiful moss from our moss collection

No butterflies , mermaids, toads, beetles or octopus were harmed in the making of this set.

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