Grandma's Blackberry Pie

Grandma's Blackberry Pie


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Grandma's Blackberry Pie

Have you ever wondered why grandma’s cooking tastes so good? It’s because she knows all the secret ingredients, see’s her cooking as the ultimate fusion of science and creativity, and believes that nourishing her family and friends is the greatest expression of love.

Grandma’s Blackberry Pie is loved by everyone in the fairy village. Every Saturday Grandma Fairy takes her basket down to the bramble and picks only the juiciest ripe berries. When her basket is full, she thanks the bramble for its bounty and heads down to the dairy. Grandma is especially fond of the cows and sings to them while milking them, taking only what she needs. On her way home, she stops by the mill for the finest flour (she used to mill her own but she’s a little too tired these days for that).

On Sunday morning, all the children in the village play in the meadow by grandma’s house, waiting for the sweet smell of baking pie to waft their way. It’s the longest wait! By lunch time, steaming fresh baked treats begin to appear on the window sill. This is her favourite part – gently tapping over-eager little fingers and trying hard to look stern as she swats them away.

And, if you have the patience, your reward is a delicious piece of her blackberry pie and a nap in her garden while she sings with the birds and watches over the little ones she adores!

Grandma’s Blackberry Pie is a realistic looking miniature treat. The pie crust is finely detailed with a lattice design and icing sugar. The pie is served on a silver metal tray, measures 2cm diam and is suitable for indoor/outdoor use.

Grandma's Blackberry Pie

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