Maple Grove Fairy Garden Kit

Maple Grove Fairy Garden Kit

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A visit to Maple Grove is a step back into your childhood and the magical worlds you created at the bottom of your garden. It’s a place where the fairies knew all your secrets, talked to the animals and set sail upon leaf boats in puddles on a rainy day.

The beautiful home in this fairy garden kit has a watering can design with a shimmering metallic finish and intricate detailing. It has a hole in the base to allow for drainage, an opening door and a delightful rooftop terrace. A birdbath, sign, bridge and stepping stones are included for your magical landscape, along with mini mushroom and flower picks which can be positioned randomly or in clusters. Populate it with three fairies and a rainbow lorikeet.

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Stake for Secure Placement

Age Suitability

4+ years

Watering Can Home1142213.5
Stone Bridge15.55.514
Bluebird Sign155.51
Mini Mushrooms - Red1var
Red & Pink Flowers161.51.5
River Elf11284.5
Round Stepping Stones10.52.52.5
Fairy Viola184.54
Fairy Flynn16.566
Rainbow Lorikeet131.53.5
Qty – number of items in kit
S – indicates if item features stake for secure positioning
H – height W – width L – length
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Melbourne, Victoria


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  • Length of the stake is not factored into the overall dimensions
  • Fairy garden ornaments are not categorized by scale
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As a general guide, our products are suitable for 4 years+ (unless otherwise stated). Many of our products contain small parts and metal stakes.

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