Ornate Bronze Lantern

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Our ornate bronze lantern features a beautifully crafted ornamental lantern with an incricate design.

The lantern is ornamental (non-working) and is hung on a black metal shepherds hook.

The lantern measures 3.7cm high with a 1.5cm diam and the shepherds hook is 20.5cm high.

This gorgeous lantern will fancify both your indoor and outdoor fairy gardens.

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Age Suitability

4+ years




20.5cm high x 3cm wide


Stake for Secure Placement

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Melbourne, Victoria


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  • Presence of a stake is indicated in the product attributes
  • Length of the stake is not factored into the overall dimensions
  • Fairy garden ornaments are not categorized by scale
  • All products are hand painted which may result in slight variations
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As a general guide, our products are suitable for 4 years+ (unless otherwise stated). Many of our products contain small parts and metal stakes.

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