The Witch's Moss Kit


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Explore the mystical world of the wise witch

The Witch’s Moss Kit is an ecclectic tangle of magnificently soft reindeer mosses in bewitching shades, a patch of sheet moss and spanish moss.  It’s truly a manifestation of miniature garden magic!

Moss List

  • Sheet Moss – rich green, resembles grass
  • Spanish Moss – fawn coloured, resembles vine-like tendrils
  • Reindeer Moss – black, natural & fuchsia, soft and velvety with a squishy texture

Extra bits included

So, I went a little bit extra when I created this kit, but in my defence, this one is especially close to my heart. It started with a handful of matte black stones (which make lovely stepping stones), a pine cone and a spikey pod. Next, I included some dried sunflowers, in case you love using them as much as I do for blessings of abundance and friendship.

Then, I added some delicate, handmade crystal flowers because a witch always has the most unusual garden. I came across some ornate, brass lanterns which look especially magical on a spiral shepherds hook. A curious concoction with magical properties in an unlabelled apothocary jar seemed quite fitting too, so into the kit they both went. (In case you are wondering, the mini jar actually holds glow-in-the-dark glitter).

Finally, it wouldn’t be complete without a rustic looking besom (broom), handmade using hemp fibre and twigs from my favourite sugar plum tree.

The Witch's Moss Kit

The un-boxing experience

Our moss kits are lovingly packed into re-usable, high quality kraft boxes with crystal clear window lids.

And because a crystal clear lid tickles all our fancies, we avoided sticking a label on it. Instead, we printed the label onto luxuriously creamy textured cardstock which we cut into the shape of a tag and tied a sweet little bonus fairy key to it using fine hemp twine and a tendril of green, leafy vine ribbon.

As you use your moss, refill the box with natural materials that you find (such as feathers, pretty stones, decorative barks and the like). Keep it on hand so you always have a supply of natural treasures to adorn your enchanted garden!

Resource Link

We’ve included a QR code in the kit which takes you directly to our Moss Information blog. It contains a tonne of info about reindeer moss, fun facts, care instructions and usage ideas. If you’re purchasing this kit as a gift, this link is especially excellent!

Things you can do with your moss kit

Use it to fancify your fairy garden, terrariums and other green projects. The moss kit contains approx. 14cm³ which is enough for a medium sized container fairy garden if you go nuts and add the lot. Or…. do as fairies do and be delicate with your placement and positioning. We’re creating blissful scenes for fairy tiptoe-ing over luxurious clouds of squishy-ness. Go lightly.

Things you can’t do with your moss kit

Preserved moss is REAL, but it has been treated to retain its texture and quality. Therefore, you don’t need to water it, ever. Please don’t eat it either – not even a nibble. Reindeer moss is a delicious snack for reindeer, not humans. We also recommend our moss kits for ages 5+ because they contain small parts.

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