Unicorn Moss Kit



A beautifully boxed, exquisite jumble of high quality preserved mosses and natural treasures. Create a magical fairy garden landscape with the various colours and textures.

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Weight 0.18 kg
Dimensions 18 × 14 × 7 cm


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Age Suitability

5+ years

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The Unicorn Moss Kit includes...


Inspired by...

Meadows of wild unicorns

The secret meadow where the wild unicorn roam is fantastical in every way. The sky is a little bluer, the water in the brook bubbles a little clearer and the flowers bloom a little bigger. The first sunbeams of summer infuse the pebbles with joy and happiness, and the first blossoms of Spring adorn the manes of the most high ranking unicorns. The Autumn leaves fall in a fluttery kaleidoscope, and the most beautiful snowflakes of winter are kept forever within tiny crystals, causing the meadow to sparkle all year long.

The Unicorn Moss Kit is a jumble of mosses and natural treasures. The reindeer moss in this kit has been specially infused with magic derived from the wishful thoughts of wild unicorns and has a holographic sparkle effect. The kit contains a generous sprinkling of sunstone chips to evoke positive and loving energy, clear quartz chips to help you align with your highest self.

  • The Unicorn Moss Kit contains a patch of sheet moss and an assortment of reindeer mosses.
  • The reindeer moss has been enhanced with a fine blend of biodegradable magic dust that has an intense holographic effect and cannot be seperated from the moss.
  • All our mosses are high quality and sustainably grown. They have been preserved and colour enhanced.
  • Preserved moss will not grow, does not require water and will last for up to 30 years in low humidity environments.
  • Preserved moss is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Visit our Moss Information page to learn more about preserved moss.
  • Natural treasures include dried Margaret River Daisies, colourful skeleton leaves and crystal chips (sunstone & clear quartz).

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