Protect Your Fairy Garden from Your Pets

>>Protect Your Fairy Garden from Your Pets

Protect Your Fairy Garden from Your Pets

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Here at Fairy Gardening Australia, we have a knack for choosing only the highest quality decorations to create our magical fairy gardens for your family. With all of the time and effort you put into crafting your fairy garden, you don’t want all that work to come undone thanks to the curious paws of an overzealous pet.
In a recent blog post about pet-proofing your home and garden, Bupa Pet Insurance featured us for our expertise in this area. Check out ‘Ideal Pet Products and Tips for a Clean Home‘ or read on for some great tips on keeping your fairy garden safe.
Keep it out of reach: Your pet can’t destroy your garden if they can’t reach it, so display your handiwork somewhere that is off-limits to your pet, like a high windowsill. This will still allow plenty of light to reach your garden while keeping your pet out of it. You could also consider using hanging baskets, which also have the added benefit of adding to the magical aura.
Train your pet to stay away: If your pet has a habit of jumping up on furniture or other high areas, you may want to take the time to train them to avoid these areas. This will take some effort upfront, but the benefits will pay off in the long run. Training is not nearly as effective if you only apply it occasionally. Over time, your pet will eventually learn to stay away from your garden if you are consistent with your cues.
Install a Fence: If your fairy garden is in a flower bed, consider placing a temporary, low-wire fence around it to create a clear boundary to help train your pet. Limit the amount of visible soil by using mini pebbles and creeping ground covers. A dab of Vicks Vaporub on your fairy garden pieces will deter even the most enthusiastic pets from moving and taking pieces out of the garden. Cats dislike the smell of lavender and lemon thyme, so placing a pot of them nearby will help to deter cats. Ensure that the plants that you add to your garden are not toxic to pets – just in case they do have a nibble.
While it may take a bit of effort in the beginning to get your garden protected, your efforts will be well worth it once your fairy garden is safely installed!
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Kim Shaw is the founder and creative director of Fairy Gardening Australia. Mum of three, professional fairy gardener, practitioner of magick and advocate for fairy freedom.

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