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Day of the Dead collection is AWESOME! One was broken. I contacted the store and a replacement was despatched that day. Wonderful, wonderful service. Thank you. Will be back


My first real fairy garden !!!! I hope you day is filled with unicorns farting rainbows!!!! Thank you Kim Nikita loves your fairy shop !!!great service


Day of the dead collection!They arrived this morning... I absolutely love them!!! Ordered online.. sent next day arrived today... awesome service!! Kept informed about the whole process... I'll be back!!!Thank you for your awesome service!!!


I'm hooked, these products are beautiful and this will be the first of many gardens, Your one stop shop for all things fairy


Not a fairy garden but made this dragon garden for my bosses two boys


Very happy with my recent shopping i did with fairygardeningaustralia 🙂

Di Clark

Thank you for your AMAZING collection! Just received my first order and I must say when I opened it, it was so delightful to see how much care was taken! Those little added extras that made it so beautiful! Thankyou! I will be shopping here again and again! I've enclosed a picture of the progress I making with my daughters memorial fairy garden. Thanks to your lovely collection I can keep adding more to keep her memory alive!

Vicky maroney

After losing my daughter when she was born I really wanted to do something special to remember her by. Then I came across your lovely fairy store and thought how perfect would it be to set up a memorial fairy village! It's never complete always adding and changing things, always ongoing! Always remembering! It brings so much peace and a smile! Thank you for your beautiful selection

Vicky maroney

just received my order. im sooooo happy thank you so very much


I got into fairy gardening on a whim after one of the children at work asked me if I believed in fairies and have been extremely impressed with the service I have received from Fairy Gardening Australia. My products were all delivered the next working day after I ordered and the galleries, photos and tips on the website gave me plenty of inspiration and know-how to set up my own little garden, which I now know will be the first of many. I cannot speak highly enough of your fast, efficient service, broad range of products and knowledgeable and contactable staff, all of whom are only too happy to help and share their passion. Thank you Fairy Gardening Australia!

Juliana Byers

I received my order and loved all my things I ordered .Very fast service well packed and can't wait to make my fairy garden .Thank you Pat

Pat Fleming

I got the simple products I needed from here to create a small fairy garden. Good service and I look forward to creating more in the future.

Marilyn Wilson

I am a 59 yr old nurse and have been bought into the 'fairy wonderland' by granddaughter Charli. Charli has now made 2 x gardens one of which is in your customer gallery. Now it is granny's turn. I fell in love with the fairy hospital of course and it was delivered this morning. 

Rose Lovejoy

After setting up gardens for my grandaughter Charli I wanted one of my own, especially as I am a nurse and I saw the Fairy Hospital. It lights up beautifully at night.

Rose Lovejoy

Absolutely love the variety of products from your company creating this garden has brought such joy to my daughter who loves watching for fairies and spending time in her garden

Zoe mills

It is such a pleasure choosing the finishing touches from your incredible range of magical treasures!

Donna Thornton

Recieved my first order today, being middle aged very pleased, happy and excited with items. Good quality and fast postage. Will be back to order more, thanks


Charli has just made this beautiful fairy garden with my help.

Rose Lovejoy

I'm 46 years old and I can't believe the excitement I had unwrapping my beautiful fairies & accessories! My little fairy garden is for when my grandson comes to visit, so he will always have memories of looking for the fairies in Nanny's fairy garden 🙂 The packaging is amazing, right down to the sprinkling of stars and the little complimentary key. Cannot recommend this enough, I'll definitely be back! 🙂

Donna McKenzie

My two little girls wanted to start a fairy garden. So part of their Christmas present were fairy garden items. We wanted to create a fairy garden that was a country style retreat for our fairies. We have started with the basic layout and are looking forward to adding to it this year. We have chickens, so as a little surprise my girls gave their dad on Christmas morning the chicken coop to add to the garden, so even their dad can get involved in the fairy garden. We just need to purchase the little chooks for him now.

Narelle Aspridis

Love your little mermaids...we have created our very own "mermaid island" for them.

Kirsty Gladish

Finally had time to complete my fairy garden! Thanks for the fast service and great products


We just finished making our Alice in Wonderland fairy garden for our daughter Alice (8yrs old)! She picked all the pebbles! She's a big Alice in Wonderland fan so when I saw the Alice in Wonderland beauties I couldn't resist them for her!


Fantastic customer care, I placed my order and within a couple of hours it had been packed and was on it's way. Items were packed with care and arrived safe and sound. Am very pleased with service and products, thank you Fairy Gardening Australia


Hi Team, I received my order yesterday and I love it. Thank you so much.

Alisha Blythe

Thank you soooo much ! I received my order today, so pleased ??. Such prompt service ! The best packed parcel I've ever seen! Received emails tracking my order all the way. Thanks again !!!

Katrina Bell

amazing place, easy to follow website, superior fast service, items very well packed and protected and a gorgeous tiny key included in my box. so pleased, thank you


Thank you so much for my order that arrived within two days! Much appreciated Oh and beautifully packed right down to pretty gold stars and complimentary 'fairy key'!

Michelle Oates

Thank you so very much for your prompt deliveries and the caring (and starry) way in which you pack all you products. Thank you so much for the little surprises also. All your products are such great quality. Looking forward to building up my collection. (May you have a very happy Christmas and all the best for 2017).


love it!


Thank you so much for your help Kim. The parcel arrived on Wednesday (as promised by Aust Post tracking!) and we have set up the bird bath (thank you!) one fairy and one fairy house. The rest have been put away until Santa comes to visit. Soooo excited!  Your service was impeccable, your products are delightful and well priced and I can and will recommend you to everyone I know.

Katrina Starkey

I love the products that you sell, they have made my garden enchanting

Tracy Germain

What a serendipitous find! So much cuteness that, after buying up for my great niece, i was back the next week to get my fairy garden. Great communication, fast response & the little touches such as glittery stars- it's the customer service that others strive for.

Marg Anderson

Thank you soo much for the love and care you put into your packaging. My granddaughter was here yesterday when the parcel arrived and she helped open it. Her "ooohs and ahhs" and "OMG Grandma they are beautiful" made my day. The little extras were a lovely surprise too.


Thank you for your very quick delivery, and all the things I purchased are amazing. It is still a working project, so will be ordering more soon.

Faith Harris

Thank you so much for the wonderful parcel of goodies that arrived today. We love everything - I was a bit worried about buying a resin house- but it looks sooo realistic and perfect! Now quite obsessed!!


Fairy Caroline, fairy Petunia and fairy Natalie are all very happy and settling into their new home. Maddie, our little granddaughter adores the fairy garden and her new little fairy friends. We are very happy! Thank you.

Lexie McCormack

I love all my fairy garden houses and the rest of my things could not stop buying! Just love it! Thank you.

Suzanne Monty

Thankyou for such great service and beautiful quality of your products. I have had a lovely time putting together my Fairy Garden with my Grandchildren ??

Chris Pinder

Just want to say a huge thank you for your prompt and friendly service. I received my fairy package the very next day and was so very excited. I am making the fairy garden with my girls tomorrow and I don’t know who is more excited!!! Once again a huge thank you for everything.


My newly arrived fairies are settling into their new home. Thank you.

Denise Bibby

Beautifully made these pieces are perfect companions to my 13-year old English oak. Definitely will buy more. Thank you!

Natalie Korr

Here's my little fairy garden by my room's little windowsill... Thanks for responding my queries instantly and providing ideas which makes it possible for me to have my own little fairy garden in my little area of my room's windowsill. Thanks for the range of items to choose to! Would love to by them all if only I have a big (outdoor) garden! Congratulations also for the "gold" win! ☺️ Keep up the good work! & God bless!

Joanne Iris Rosal

Love your shop. All of the products I have brought are wonderful, I really enjoy coming back to visit. Thank you.


Thank you for the extra touches for every package you sent to me. Thumbs up for the prompt service from answering to my queries to delivery. You are my favourite supplier!


So grateful for a prompt and friendly service. I opened the package with eagerness and excitement. I can't wait to see the look on my nieces face when she gets her fairy garden birthday present. I loved the personalized birthday letter and I am already planning my next fairy garden project. This could easily become an addictive hobby and your items are just perfect addition to any garden.

Karla – Vic

I would like to thank you for your excellent service. My granddaughters love having a fairy garden and these beautiful fairy homes will be a wonderful addition.

Wendy – NSW

Wow thanks for the quick delivery of my order + especially thanks for including the fairy dust + stars! What a gorgeous surprise when I opened it!  You are AMAZING!

Sandra – NSW

I can't thank you enough. You really go above and beyond. I can't speak highly enough of your prompt service, delivery and replies. Your packaging was beautiful, with all of the extras (key, stars etc). I can't wait to share some pictures of the garden we are creating for my daughter. Thank you for helping to bring magic and imaginative play to our house. We will be a returning customer.

Bec – Vic

I just wanted to share with you the final product of our fairy garden! The children and myself worked on this earlier today and all of the children are amazed and in love with it! I want to thank you for all the amazing fairy things and how fast they arrived!!!

Grace – Tas

Hi, I have just received my order from you, have to let you know I am delighted with your service and your goods, love them all, will continue shopping with you. Thank you so much!

Dee – WA

I recently purchased a few items from your site and couldn't have been more delighted when I unboxed them (with all the glitter inside) and placed them in my tiny fairy garden! Thank you.

Jagdev – NSW

Thank you for the beautiful products that inspired me to create my fairy garden. It will be expanding to another pot at some stage, connected by a bridge. I adore the Fiddlehead range. My daughter & I made a fairy garden together when she was little & that inspired me to get the mother & daughter fairies sitting on the bench. I can't wait for the next one to get going 🙂

Shelley – NSW

I just wanted to say thank you so much for posting the items I ordered so quickly!!! I received my order today and the products are just gorgeous! I can't wait to make a fairy garden with my daughter and niece as a school holiday project. I really appreciate your efforts to get the items to me so quickly! Thanks again

Tammy – Tas

Over the Easter weekend it was wonderful to see the grandkids discover the new fairy neighbours that had moved in....thank you for your website & range of fairy greatness!

Jane – SA

Thanks for your wonderful customer service. Will tell the other grandmothers about you for presents for our granddaughters and my daughter and her friends as well.

Beverley – SA

Thank you so much for your speedy service. I went on your site on Wednesday night to order some last minute items so my daughter can wake up on her 6th birthday and find her fairies celebrating her birthday too. It arrived today and the fairies have set it all up tonight after bedtime. Can't wait to hear her excitement in the morning Thank you for making this a very special birthday!

Monica – ACT

Love your website! Thank you for your great service. I received my order quicker than I expected & was able to have my nieces fairy garden done just in time for her 5th birthday. This was my first attempt at a fairy garden, now I want to do one for myself!

Rebecca – WA

How helpful was this company! Very grateful for their help as I had issues with my phone trying to purchase the cute little dragons. I'm looking forward to having them in my home. Thank you Fairy Gardening.

Denise – SA

Thank you to Fairy Gardening Australia for your prompt supply of fairy houses and garden furniture. My gardens look divine and my granddaughters loved them.

Val – Vic

My daughter Kori just finished making her fairy garden for her 9th birthday - such lovely items - thanks so much Fairy Gardening Australia!

Heidi – WA

I received my parcel from you in perfect time for my daughter Emmerson's 6th birthday. She absolutely loved creating her beautiful fairy garden. Thank you, the letter from the fairies was a huge hit.

Melissa – WA

We ordered a small collection of fairy garden items for our daughter for Christmas. The postage was quick, items as pictured and described and we are extremely happy with the way my 5 year olds garden turned out. Thank you.

Lisa – NSW

Mikayla is so excited about playing in her garden. Wish I had one of these gardens as a child its just amazing. We need a few more things to finish it off, so expect our order in the next week or so!

Ann- Vic

Charli spends hours out in the garden rearranging her fairies, we will need another pot with all the extras she wants. We're both pretty proud of how it turned out, Charli picked the plants and decided on where bits should all go with a little help and persuasion from Mum of course. Thank you!

Michelle – QLD

Thank you so much - my parcel of Fairy delights arrived this morning - what amazing service - ordered yesterday , here today. Everyone in the office was anxious for me to open all the little boxes - even the guys were amazed at the quality and the cuteness of the house, the wishing well, the fairies etc. - they even picked up each piece and had a little play - so funny and cute. I can't wait now for the weekend to assemble my Fairy Garden - stay tuned for a photo update next week. Thank you again - just excellent!!!!

Jennifer – NSW

Absolutely thrilled to receive my two Micro Mini Gourd Houses yesterday. The quality of workmanship on these tiny houses is just amazing. They're going to look fabulous in my Terrariums. So very happy with my purchase. Thank you again

Jenni – NSW

Today i received my order (x-mas present for my granddaughter) and i just had to say if she is half as excited as i was when i opened it she will have a magical Christmas...just wanted to say thank you....parcel was received within a week of ordering and value for money is most definitely there...i will definitely be a returning customer....Great Job

Leigh – QLD

Love love love Fairy Gardening Australia! Awesome products and great service!!!

Katrina – QLD

Thank you Fairy Gardening Australia. My granddaughter loved her Fairy Garden I gave her for her birthday last week.I started putting together pre winter to ensure the little succulents had taken. Brydie is delighted and is in wonder.

Karen – NSW

Can't believe that I have received my order so promptly. Many thanks. Hope it doesn't take too long for Christmas to get here so that I can put it all together for my Grand-daughter!

Kerry – QLD

My order just arrived - faster than a speeding bullet! Excellent customer service, thanks a bunch. Even more delightful: my daughter's Fairy Door key was broken, and you provided one with compliments - a coincidence, or did the fairies intervene?? Either way, an extra happy birthday for my daughter. Thank you.

Terri – Vic

Receive my order today. What efficiency! Plus a card for my grandaughter!

Rosemary – SA

Hi!! Just wanted to share with you a couple of pics of our latest fairy garden. Thanks again for the cuteness!!!

Jama – QLD

Thank you!!! Our parcel arrived today! My 4 year old cannot wait to set up our garden! Will send a photo when it's all done!
Thank you for the extra little gift! She was so intrigued by the tiny key!

Kristine – Vic

I got my first package today and omg your stuff is amazing love it.

Sarah – SA

Just received my first order, totally stoked with what I ordered. Have already got my wish list order selected. Wonderful company, great range of products,excellent customer service and even got a complimentary gift !!!!!!!

Meegan – NT

Love your products - I just keep expanding and introducing new areas to the fairy garden.  With my latest purchases we now have a gnome village to add to the fairy village, the teddy village, the spooky village and the dragon on the cliff overlooking the pond.  Not to forget the mouse garden in the fern house.  We often have families with kids with disabilities to stay and they love the adventure of finding all the magical creatures that inhabit the "fairy garden".

Karin – NSW

I just wanted to share with you how much I love shopping in your store and then placing the little bits that come in the mail into my garden. Every time I look I find something else that I either want to buy  or that inspires me to create something for my garden. I might need to get another pot if I visit your site much more!  I'm very proud of how my garden is turning out.

Joanne – Tas

Every thing is great and arrived super fast. Thankyou

Laurel – Vic

Our special package arrived just in time for my granddaughter's sleepover. Just seeing her face light up upon unwrapping little treasures to add to her fairy garden gave me such joy. Many hours have been spent in arranging and rearranging this special place that is hers alone!

Marisa – QLD

Adore our fairy garden accessories from Fairy Gardening Australia! Good quality and fast service 🙂

Cath – QLD

Thank you! My daughter loved this!!

Natalie – WA

Here are photos of my classroom fairy garden. The kids absolutely LOVE it! Many thanks for bringing joy!

Fiona – WA

My 3yo granddaughter set up her garden today & was ever so excited especially with her fairy letter, right down to "They know where I live Nan" with wide eyes. Maddy is one happy fairy gardener!

Pip – SA

I just purchased your large Fairy Villa last week and have a hollow log in my garden. I also have lots of little people in my family who love fairies, all boys so go figure. Hope you like what I've done. Just thought I'd share with you where your products go and how much enjoyment they give your customers. I just love the little castle and how it has fitted so well into the log. I took the photo just on dusk this evening. The log has so many crevices and I've poked the lights up into them so at night it all just glows in magical places and highlighting the fairy castle. I'll recommend you to anyone and everyone!

Monica – QLD

Thank you for our beautiful fairy items. My 3yo son & 5yo daughter had a great time making their fairy garden.

Simone – Vic

Thank you for your beautiful products. They always arrive so quickly and so well packaged. This is my daughters garden. We love your stuff. Xx

Karin – QLD

My package arrived within two days of ordering!  I'm looking forward to creating my granddaughter's fairy garden. Will post a photo when done. Thank you!

Karen – QLD

Hi Lovelies! Here are some photos of our new fairy garden in Forster NSW. I think I am loving it more than the kids!!! thank you so much.

Candice – Nsw

Thank you! I'm glad you provide such beautiful items to compliment my arrangements!

Sonia – WA

Thanks Kim! I had so much fun making my fairy garden. I can't wait to get more broken pots and make more!

Jo – WA

Thank you so much for the pieces we needed to make our fairy garden magical. xoxo
Fairy Garden Mail Box & Flamingos

Susan – Vic

I just have to tell you guys, you are awesome! You have a wonderful array of a wide variety of products. Your website is easy to follow. You are extremely fast at packing & posting orders. Every product is appropriately wrapped & safe from breakage. I have to stop myself from checking stuff out every few days!Thoroughly enjoying expanding my Fairy Garden with your help. Thanks

Sharon – QLD

My parcel arrived this morning. It all looks really great. Just wanted to say thanks for the great communication in regards to postage etc. I'm very happy, will be back in sure!
Customer Photo - Alicia

Alicia – NSW

Thank you so much for our parcel. It was ordered Monday and arrived Tuesday. Super fast!!!!! All of the items were gorgeous, as per our previous orders.

Rachel – Vic

Thank you so much for all your help with creating this amazing fairy garden for my daughter, Ruby. Your service is incredible and super fast delivery was great. My little girl loves it and has been busy playing with it all day. She is hoping some butterflies visit her garden very soon.

Mallissa – Vic

Thanks for the ability to make moving to a new house feel like home by making sure the fairies were there in our new house!Such lovely products that create a lifetime of memories.

Tracey – QLD

Thank you for the little fairy garden ornament which added an enchanting touch to the fairy gardens. My god daughter and  friends were so happy - magical!

Anna – NSW

Would like to say thank you for your fast and quick service. My daughter loves her fairy garden. I will recommend you to anyone!I We love the items that we bought from your site.

Dana – NSW


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