Why do we create fairy gardens?

Connection, Stories & Skill Development

What is a fairy garden?

A fairy garden is a landscape where humans experience connection with other life such as plants, animals and the fae. Fairy gardens are both naturally occurring and created. Naturally occurring fairy gardens are landscapes where humans experience a heightened awareness of fairy energy. Created fairy gardens are human-made and designed to enable connection with nature in urban environments, nurture creativity and embrace storytelling.

Natural Fairy Gardens

Have you ever been wandering through a park, by a lake, bushwalking or any other natural setting and had an overwhelming sense of calm? A peacefulness settles upon your shoulders and a hightened awareness of colour, sound and temperature makes you pause. You, my friend, are in the company of fairies. This feeling varies from person to person, place to place. Some people are more sensitive/open to fae energy than others.

Two examples of places that you are likely to experience fae energy are old growth forests and areas recoving from bushfires.

Old Growth Forests

These areas have residual energy from generations of fae, making them a sacred place. Fairies work hard to protect these places and honour their ancestors. Fairies are very familiar with the ways of humans and will “bless” human visitors with heightened senses in an effort to limit any damage the human may cause by their presence. Think of it as a clever “distraction method” – you’ll be less likely to damage something if you are busy admiring its beauty, feeling the sensations and breathing in the scents of nature!

Areas Recoving From Bushfires

The fae flock to areas scarred by bushfire to help heal, sooth and regenerate. These areas tend to have a different feel and you may notice a tingling on your skin. If you feel this, it is most likely “accidental”. The fae are completely immersed in their work and are unlikely to even notice your presence. That tingle you feel is a vibration designed to heal and stimulate growth. When you pass through, you are simply absorbing some of this too.

Finding yourself in an area rich with fairy activity is an experience you will never forget. When you encounter these environments, tread lightly. I urge you to take great care and leave them exactly as you found them.

Created Fairy Gardens

When we clear land for housing it results in less green space. Fairy energy is found here but it is almost imperceptable against the noise of traffic, technology and the stresses of everyday living. People talk far more than they listen, imagination is replaced by moving images and we find our senses overwhelmed by synthetic sensations.

When we create fairy gardens in these environments and they become “islands”. A green space that bridges the gap caused by the destruction of urban development.

Why do people create fairy gardens?

Cute little things fascinate us. It’s an evolutionary thing designed to evoke feelings of nurturing and protection. Gardening is one of the worlds most popular pastimes. When you combine the two it results in the wonderful experience of fairy gardening.

Environment & Connection

There is no age or gender restriction and they require no necessary skills. Humans have an instinctive need and desire to connect with other life such as animals and plants. This connection comprises of three components

  1. Cognitive – our nature connectedness and feelings of integration with nature
  2. Affective – our sense of care for nature and our environment
  3. Behavioral – our committment to protect our environment and animals

Our core relationship with nature has a large impact on our well-being. Modern lifestyle has led to humans spending up to 90% of their time indoors and resulted in a disconnect from nature and in turn, had a negative impact on human feelings of well-being. As we become more aware of this impact, we seek ways to re-find this connection. 

The increased popularity of fairy gardening is a concequence of this desire and need to connect with other life, plus they easily fit into our modern lifestyles and urban environments. People from all walks of life and age groups are embracing the benefits of fairy gardening.

Storytelling, Skill Building & Expression

Over the years, I’ve worked with thousands of people creating magical spaces for a range of purposes. The purpose of their gardens may be to

  • Honour the fairies
  • Decorate a space
  • Create inspiration within an educational setting and/or a teaching tool
  • Spend quality time with children
  • Spend quality time with adults
  • Relieve stress, anxiety and tension caused by work, trauma and illness
  • Heal after the loss of a family member, friend or pet
  • Create a memorial space for a deceased family member, friend or pet
  • Provide grieving children with alternative ways to communicate and express their grief
  • Provide special needs and special ability children and adults with an immersive and ongoing experience that allows for creativity, expression, nurturing and learning

In other words, we create fairy gardens for a huge number of reasons.

Among these reasons, we find the common theme of storytelling and creative expression. Creative expression helps to develop critical skills, articulate feelings and understand cause and effect. I observe the storytelling process from the beginning with our customers. The features and elements they choose tells me a lot about the stories held in their hearts. As their story unfolds, so too does their landscape.

All over the country, people are undertaking epic adventures, journeying to mystical lands, making magic and finding their true selves within their back yards.

Does that make your heart happy? Yeah, me too.

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I’m Kim, creative director of Fairy Gardening Australia. I sailed away for a year and a day, tamed a jabberwock and lived in a shoe. I make fairy gardens too. Follow me!

Hi! I’m Kim, creative director of Fairy Gardening Australia. I sailed away for a year and a day, tamed a jabberwock and lived in a shoe. I make fairy gardens too. Follow me!

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